Total Wellness Cleanse – Who Should Do It

The Total Wellness Cleanse is ONLY for people who are serious about taking control of their health and learning more about how their body functions.

Many Weightloss programs don”t focus on true health or permanence. People lose a few pounds and then gain it back, a yo-yo affect that is very unhealthy int he long run.

The Total Wellness Cleanse focuses on improving health and transforming lives, creating more energy, better eating habits and weightloss.

Yuri”s Total Health Cleanse program is a cleansing diet which is whole food based. He shows you step-by-step just how to cleanse your body of years of toxic build up, which will have a permanent affect on your health and well-being.

Unlike other cleansing products, The Total Wellness Cleanse is the ONLY guided cleanse that is completely natural and food based. Yuri”s unique holistic approach offers not only cleansing, but healing, through food and lifestyle changes.

Other than food and water, you don”t need much. A blender and juicer are helpful but are not required.

The Total Wellness Cleanse lasts for 30 days. The first 14 days are the "cleanse phase" and the second 2 weeks is a maintenance phase. So, in reality, the real cleanse is 14 days. It”s all explained in the program and very easy to follow.

This 30-day guided cleanse is suitable for any healthy individual. However, it isn”t recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding mothers. If you have a serious illness, such as a cardiovascular disease or cancer, please consult your doctor before undertaking any cleanse.

Most likely you will lose weight as your body releases toxins. Toxins are stored in fat cells so when toxins are released, fat cells diminish. You will be eating less calories also, which will help you to lose weight. The important thing to remember is that you will lose weight while dramatically enhancing the health of your body.

If you don”t want to lose weight, that”s fine too. Most people can maintain their current weight while cleansing the body, or they might lose about 5 pounds or less. If you want to maintain your weight, during the cleanse, it”s important to incorporate regular strength training and follow a clean diet that provides sufficient calories. You”ll get both of these components with our cleanse.

Yes, but as always, they should talk to their doctor before starting a cleanse. However, the nature of the Total Wellness Cleanse and the cleansing recipes will be suitable for somebody with blood sugar issues. Continue to take any medications relating to this disease while following the cleanse.

Cleansing is important for you, no matter what age group you belong to. It will teach you how to eat properly and anyone, of any age can benefit from that information.

No. The Total Wellness Cleanse is put together by a “green friendly” company. Plus they want users to have immediate access to all the materials and information by digital download.

After 30 days of cleansing, you receive an 8 week maintenance meal plan and recipes which you can use after the original 14 day cleansing period. This will provide you with ample time to make permanent changes to your dietary lifestyle from then on.

What if I currently have a medical condition? Will this cleanse be suitable and okay for me to use?

First and foremost, consult your physician before starting any cleansing program. However since the nature of the program is really about making much healthier dietary choices, people from all walks of life will be able to benefit.

Yes, the trick is to prepare. Make sure you know what you need while traveling, such as your grocery list and the right foods. The knowledge you will acquire while cleansing your body will also help you make healthy "cleansing" choices while dining in restaurants when you travel – information which you can use when you eat out at any time.

While you are detoxing with the Total Wellness Cleanse, you will get daily email coaching with on-going support, inspiration, and answers to your questions. You can also find more personalized support on our Facebook page which all cleanse members have access to.

Yes. You can exercise while cleansing the body and it is certainly helpful if you’re looking to lose weight. Just be aware that working out during the 14-day cleanse phase may be more challenging as you”ll have fewer sugars and calories to use as fuel.

Coaching others to optimum health is important to creator Yuri Elkaim and because of that, he is rewarding those who are eager to lose weight and create better health. The Total Wellness Cleanse is currently being offered for $300 off the regular price for a limited time only.

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