The Secrets of Losing Weight

In the recorded talks that you will find on this website I will share with you the secrets of weight loss success and the insights that come from years of helping people to change. Let me share three with you now:
People who succeed at weight loss deal with the psychological resistance we all have to losing weight FIRST! They know that what they want consciously will not happen until they get their unconscious mind aligned and on board. Failure to do this means inevitable dietary self-sabotage.
Second, they put the time into find a healthy dieting strategy that allows them to minimize personal sacrifices and use a minimum of self-discipline to maximize the chance of making the diet a lifelong lifestyle.
Third, they maintain ”focus” rather than ”discipline” to ultimately understand and work through the forces that sabotage their weight loss.
Listen to the talks straight off your computer or burn them to a CD or copy them to an MP3 player.
The information is provided in the form of talks immediately available to you as MP3 audio files that can be downloaded within seconds of you providing your credit card details (utilizing the latest in website security). If you have ever downloaded a song off the internet you will be familiar with the process as this site is based on exactly that technical process made famous by Napster – unlike Napster, as these are original talks, there are no copyright problems! If you are prepared to wait a few days you can order the CD of the complete set of talks.
Why the Latest Scientific Research is Even Surprising the Medical Profession
The latest research into dieting is revealing some surprising facts about what does and does not cause us to lose weight. Using my background as a medico to review and analyse the literature, I will also tell you all about this research and show you how it makes dieting so much easier than you imagined. For example did you know that*:
Exercise has not been found to be a significant factor in weight loss – partly because it would take at least two hours of exercise a day to burn off the excess consumption of calories found in most people”s diets.
Certain carbohydrates cause more heart disease than does fat in our diet!
High fat, low carbohydrate diets can improve cardiovascular risk parameters – not that I advocate either a high fat or low carbohydrate diet.
Glycemic Index on its own can be misleading and understanding the latest evolution in this area means that, for example, many breads are fine to eat, as is pumpkin even though it has a GI higher than sugar at 75.

Learn how to create a new eating lifestyle – complete with your favourite forbidden foods – from an expert in the most critical part of weight loss dieting – the motivation factor. Start by listening to the 15min INTRODUCTION TALK right now – it”s free with no obligation.

*Please email Dr Blair-West if you would like any of these citations which all come from peer reviewed, major international medical journals.

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